7:11 PM

Titled “7:11 PM,” a low-budget film has recently captured significant attention through its promotional content. The lead roles are portrayed by Saahas Pagadala and Deepika Reddy, directed by Chaitu Madala. Released today, let’s delve into the film’s essence.

7:11 PM

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Cast: Saahas Pagadala, Deepika Reddy, Tess Walsh, Raghu Karumanchi, Bharath Reddy, Rising Raju

Director: Chaitu Madala


Movie7:11 PM
Release Date7 July, 2023
Star CastSaahas Pagadala, Deepika Reddy, Tess Walsh, Raghu Karumanchi, Bharath Reddy, Rising Raju
GenresAction, Drama, Sci-Fi
DirectorChaitu Madala
WriterChaitu Madala, Hemant K Bhatnagar
ProducerNaren Yanamadala, Madhuri Ravipati, Vani Kanneganti
CinematographerSiva Shankar, Fabio Capodivento
EditorSrinu Thota
Production companyArcus Films
Distributed byMythri Movie Makers


Set in 1999, the narrative unfolds in Hamsaladeevi, Andhra Pradesh. Ravi Prasad (Saahas Pagadala), an aspiring IPS officer, falls deeply for village beauty Vimala (Deepika Reddy). As a mission brings extraterrestrial beings to the town, a substantial mutual fund scandal simmers in Hamsaladeevi. Ravi Prasad and his team strive to expose the scam. The movie centers on how a minor event alters the destinies of both villagers and extraterrestrial visitors.


Despite its limited budget, the film radiates a grandeur that doesn’t compromise on quality. The portrayal of Hamsaladeevi and Melbourne, where much of the story unfolds, is impressive. The production design team deserves praise for their impeccable work.

Saahas Pagadala delivers a sincere performance as the small-town protagonist. The entire plot revolves around him, and the young actor does justice to his role. Deepika Reddy adequately performs her given character. Noteworthy highlights include pre-interval sequences and the climactic moments.

Tess Walsh provides solid support to Saahas Pagadala, while Raghu Karumanchi, Dr. Bharat Reddy, Charan Kurugonda, and others fulfill their roles competently. Rising Raju lightens the end with well-timed comedic moments.

“7:11 PM” undoubtedly possesses ambitious aspirations, yet it falters in numerous aspects. Chief among them is its lackluster screenplay, failing to gain momentum until the end. Effective setup is crucial for sci-fi thrillers to deliver a satisfying payoff. Unfortunately, “7:11 PM” struggles with establishing its foundation, leading to an unsatisfactory conclusion.

Comparable to sci-fi films like “Play Back” and “Indru Netru Nalai,” the movie follows a pattern where altering past events influences subsequent outcomes. However, this concept is poorly executed, lacking excitement throughout the narrative. The pacing is leisurely, consuming significant screen time.

Furthermore, the film suffers from a lack of clarity in its progression. Given the familiarity of similar concepts to audiences, the midsection must be gripping to maintain engagement. Regrettably, this doesn’t materialize, resulting in monotonous and sluggish segments.

In the realm of sci-fi, logical consistency is paramount. However, “7:11 PM” disappoints in this regard. It features QR code payment scanners in brick-and-mortar stores, a discrepancy given the film’s 1999 setting.


Technical Aspect

The filmmakers have wisely allocated resources, resulting in visually pleasing aesthetics. Siva Shankar and Fabio Capodivento expertly capture both local and foreign locations through their lenses. Gyaani’s music is acceptable, and the editing fares well in the first half but falters in the latter portion.

Turning to director Chaitu Maidala, while the concept holds promise, the execution falls short of captivation. Even suspenseful elements lack intrigue. The screenplay poses challenges, requiring extra effort to comprehend the unfolding events.


In summary, “7:11 PM” boasts an intriguing premise, yet its presentation leaves much to be desired. Engaging execution could have elevated the film’s allure significantly. Briefly captivating moments are marred by dull stretches. If you anticipate an edge-of-your-seat sci-fi thriller, you might find yourself disappointed. Hence, it’s advisable to temper your expectations.


When is the 7:11 PM movie scheduled for release?

The 7:11 PM movie is slated to hit theaters on July 7, 2023.

Who helmed the movie 7:11 PM?

The director of the movie 7:11 PM is Chaitu Madala.

Who comprises the cast of 7:11 PM?

The cast of 7:11 PM includes Saahas Pagadala, Deepika Reddy, Tess Walsh, Raghu Karumanchi, Bharath Reddy, and Rising Raju.