Ala Ila Ela

“Ala Ela,” directed by Annish Krishna and featuring Rahul Ravindran in a leading role, has hit the screens today, promising a comedy-filled entertainment. Let’s delve into how the film fares.

Ala Ila Ela


Cast: Shakthi Vasudevan, Shamna Kasim, Brahmanandam Kanneganti, Priyanka Kothari, Sayaji Shinde

Director: Dwarki Raghav


MovieAla Ila Ela
Release Date21 July 2023
Star CastShakthi Vasudevan, Shamna Kasim, Brahmanandam Kanneganti, Priyanka Kothari, Sayaji Shinde, Hariprriya, Seetha, Ali Basha, Nagendra Babu, Sithara
DirectorDwarki Raghav
ProducerKollakunta Nagaraju
CinematographerP.K.H. Das
MusicMani Sharma
EditorK. Sasi Kumar
WriterDwarki Raghav
Production companyKala Movie Makers


Karthik (Rahul Ravindran) is an IT professional in Hyderabad. He receives a heartfelt request from his ailing grandfather to marry Divya, the daughter of a close family friend. In order to honor his grandfather’s last wish, Karthik embarks on the journey to marry Divya.

Joined by his buddies Keerthan (Vennela Kishore) and Kalyan (Shani), Karthik ventures into Divya’s village. However, a twist emerges when Shruti, a girl with connections to Karthik, enters his life. This sparks questions about Shruti’s role and the implications for Divya. The remainder of the story revolves around uncovering these mysteries.


The performances of the lead trio – Rahul Ravindran, Vennela Kishore, and Shani – are the film’s standout elements. Their collective efforts carry the film gracefully. Rahul delivers a mature performance, Vennela Kishore’s comic timing shines, and Shani’s versatile character portrayals bring a touch of humor.

The pre-climax sequence stands out for its humor and engages the audience effectively. Notable contributions from Krishna Bhagwan and Kondavalasa further add to the film’s entertainment value.

The initial half of the film might feel sluggish, as the core storyline gains momentum only by the interval. Female lead performances are a glaring weak point, contributing to the overall disappointment. Predictability is an issue, particularly in the second half where the story becomes foreseeable, diminishing the climax’s impact.


Technical Aspects

Cinematography is a strong suit, showcasing various locations beautifully. Bheem’s musical compositions are decent, with noteworthy lyrical values in each song. The film’s dialogues, especially the one-liners, make a positive impression. Editing and art direction maintain satisfactory standards. Director Annish Krishna’s debut is commendable, reflecting a seasoned director’s touch in execution and screenplay.


In a nutshell, “Ala Ela” offers an acceptable dose of comedy entertainment. While the lead performances and Vennela Kishore’s comedic flair uplift the film, the first half’s pacing and underwhelming female lead portrayals are its letdowns. If you’re seeking light-hearted, youthful humor, the film can make for an enjoyable watch, despite its flaws.


When was Ala Ila Ela Movie released?
Ala Ila Ela Movie made its debut in cinemas on July 21, 2023.

Who helmed the direction of Ala Ila Ela?
The creative direction of Ala Ila Ela was overseen by Dwarki Raghav.

Who constitutes the cast of Ala Ila Ela?
The ensemble cast of Ala Ila Ela includes Shakthi Vasudevan, Shamna Kasim, Brahmanandam Kanneganti, Priyanka Kothari, Sayaji Shinde, Hariprriya, Seetha, Ali Basha, Nagendra Babu, and Sithara.

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