Driver Jamuna

Driver Jamuna Telugu Movie in iBOMMA. In this post is Driver Jamuna Telugu Movie Related information providing post. This movie is Telugu peoples searching and favourite movie in Telugu Cinema Audience. In this Movie release Date: 30 Dec, 2022.

Driver Jamuna Review in Telugu

Aishwarya Rajesh plays Jamuna, a typical female cab driver. She supports herself by caring for her ill mother (Sriranjani). But, one day a group of assassins drives off to assassinate the former minister (formerly Naren).

But, on the way, their car breaks down, so they call a cab. When driving them in a cab, the driver, Jamuna, can smell their entire group from their words and thoughts. The cops are also on the lookout for them. You must see the movie Driver Jamuna in order to get the answers to questions like what did Driver Jamuna do, did they get caught by the police, or did they kill the minister.

First and foremost, Aishwarya Rajesh, an actor, deserves special praise for selecting such a worthwhile and captivating topic. It should be noted that she actually lived the part of her driver Jamuna rather than simply playing one. Her persona consistently leaves the audience in awe. The murderous gang’s members have also behaved well. The movie contains some effective action and emotional passages. The audience is entertained by music and camera work.


DirectorP Kinslin
Production Company18 Reels
ScreenplayP Kinslin
GenreThriller Drama
StoryP Kinslin
StarringAishwarya Rajesh
CinematographerGokul Benoy
EditingR Ramar
Release Date2022

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