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Kranti Review in Telugu

As the plot of Kranti is a rehash of several blockbusters that followed a similar course (Sivaji, Maharashi, and Darshan’s own Yajamana), it appears that no effort was made to look beyond the director’s cliched ideas. Making a star-studded movie with a message is where writer-director V Harikrishna falls short.

One of the most successful businessmen in the world is played by Darshan as Kranti Rayanna. After living in Europe for 20 years, he comes home to attend the government school he attended’s centennial festivities. Kranti discovers the unsavoury reality of education privatisation after he returns to India. He takes it upon himself to prevent the closure of thousands of government schools.

Instead than focusing on the pupils’ situation, the movie appears more concerned with portraying Darshan as a being from another world. The laws of physics are completely ignored. Kranti throws the bad guys and the automobiles into the air in an abundance of action scenarios. Even worse, Darshan tears off his body for Rachita Ram’s amorous song “Bombe bombe.”

Indeed, the “masala” movies should emphasise star power. However there are several unintentionally funny action scenes in the movie, with the one shot on a basketball court being the most absurd.


Directed byV. Harikrishna
Produced byB. Suresha
Shylaja Nag
Rachita Ram
CinematographyA. Karunakar
Edited byPasha
Music byV. Harikrishna
Media House Studio
Distributed byMedia house
Release date26 January 2023
Running time163 minutes
Box office₹ 33 crores

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The music of Gyaan Singh is adequate. I like Kishore Boyadipu’s cinematography. The production quality is respectable. However, the editing staff could have done a better job.

The film’s director, Bhima Shankar, performed below expectations. His desire to produce a movie on women’s safety is admirable, but writing an engaging screenplay required more work. But he managed to get the performers to provide strong performances.

Kranthi makes a valid point overall, however the way he presents it is lacking. The pre-climax to climax sections are Kranthi’s benefits, and Rakendu Mouli performs admirably. The main problems with this criminal thriller are the dull execution and the lethargic tempo. In the end, the movie is only good enough to watch this weekend given the message it conveys.