Lucky Lakshman

Lucky Lakshman Telugu Movie in iBOMMA. In this post is Lucky Lakshman Telugu Movie Related information providing post. This movie is Telugu peoples searching and favourite movie in Telugu Cinema Audience. In this Movie release Date: 30 Dec 2022.

Lucky Lakshman Review in Telugu

Story: A middle-class student named Laxman (Syed Sohel Ryan) falls in love with Shriya (Moksha), a wealthy but unassuming girl, when they are both in college. Lakshman abandons his helpless father, who is destitute. Lakshman is looked after by Shriya. But regrettably, something goes wrong, and they end themselves apart. Lakshman afterwards made the decision to become wealthy.

He founded a matchmaking agency with few pals from his youth. Each moment he wants, he can become wealthy. He learns about Shriya’s rough patch one day. Shriya, what happened to her? What did Lakshman do after that? Do they still cross paths? You must see the film to get the answers to these queries.

Bigg Boss star Sohel had a respectable acting performance. He does an excellent job of playing a middle-class person. His comedic timing throughout the film was quite remarkable. He also danced well, which amused the crowd. He is the film’s overall star thanks to his performance.

Female Moksha has a strong presence on film. One of the highlights is her passable performance. The remaining performers delivered their best efforts in the parts they were given.

The plot is fairly basic. It is an easy thing to guess. Nonetheless, the film’s director, AR Abhi, is successful in making the film enjoyable by including some funny scenes in the predictable plot.


MovieLucky Lakshman (2022)
Release Date30 December, 2022
GenresDrama, Family
Main CastSyed Sohel Ryan, Mokksha
DirectorAR Abhi
WriterAR Abhi
ProducerHaritha Gogineni 
Production HouseDattatreya Media
CinematographerI. Andrew
EditorPrawin Pudi
MusicAnup Rubens

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As was already noted, Abhi attempts to narrate in a polished manner while using a typical rom-com pattern. In certain ways, he is effective in this regard. Both Anup Rubens’ score and Andrew’s cinematography lack any real impact.

Good production values can be found. To improve the film, some of the sequences in the second half could have been cut.

Overall, Lucky Lakshman is a typical romantic comedy drama that only succeeds occasionally. The performances of Mokksha and Sohel are passable.

There are humorous parts throughout the book. You can see it this weekend if you don’t mind a narrative that you’ve seen hundreds of times before.