Esteemed director Mari Selvaraj returns with his latest offering, “Nayakudu” (the Telugu version of “Maamannan”). The film has graced the silver screen today, and we invite you to peruse our review to gauge its impact.


Drama, Political, Thriller

Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, Keerthy Suresh

Director: Mari Selvaraj


“Maharaju” (Vadivelu), a representative of the oppressed community, holds the position of MLA in Ramapuram. However, a prolonged silence has enveloped his relationship with his son, Raghu Veera (Udhayanidhi Stalin), a martial arts instructor. An incident that befalls Maharaju becomes the catalyst for Raghu to embark on a quest for justice. What transpired to create this divide between father and son? What lies at the heart of the issue? The unfolding of these questions forms the crux of the narrative.


A standout asset of the film is Vadivelu’s portrayal of a gravitas-laden political leader. His impeccable performance stands as a noteworthy highlight.

Fahadh Faasil’s enactment of an egocentric politician is praiseworthy, underscoring his skillful portrayal.

Udhayanidhi Stalin and Keerthy Suresh contribute with commendable performances. The musical score plays a pivotal role in enhancing the film’s impact during crucial moments.

Despite its promising concept, the film falters due to a languid screenplay, a signature trait of Mari Selvaraj’s works. A more brisk narrative could have elevated the movie significantly.

Moreover, Keerthy Suresh’s character, initially laden with potential, sees diminished prominence once the central conflict takes center stage.

The characters portrayed by Lal and Vijay Kumar lack significant impact on the storyline. Amplifying their presence through additional scenes could have injected more dramatic depth into the film.

Another concern pertains to the inadequate handling of signboards and subtitles by the presenters. Integration of Telugu text when necessary would have facilitated better comprehension.


Technical Aspects

Director Mari Selvaraj imparts a potent message about social justice, yet the deliberate pacing of the narrative renders the film ponderous. Editing could have been crisper, with some superfluous scenes trimmed. Theni Eswar’s cinematography shines, especially during the flashback sequences. AR Rahman’s musical score is a substantial boon, with a couple of songs proving enjoyable.


In summary, “Nayakudu” boasts a compelling premise marred by sluggish storytelling. The performances of Fahadh Faasil and Vadivelu, alongside Rahman’s musical backdrop, stand as the film’s highlights. Those willing to overlook the measured narrative and a smattering of unnecessary scenes might find merit in giving the film a chance this weekend, albeit with tempered expectations.


When is the Nayakudu movie releasing?
The Nayakudu movie is scheduled for a theatrical release on July 14, 2023.

Who directed the movie Nayakudu?
The movie has been directed by Mari Selvaraj.

Which actors are part of the Nayakudu movie cast?
The cast of Nayakudu includes Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, and Keerthy Suresh.

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