O Saathiya

Aryan Gaura makes his debut as the lead in the movie “Sathiya.” Produced by Chandana Katta under Tanvika Jasvika Creations, and directed by Divya Bhavana, the film was released today. Let’s delve into the review.

O Saathiya

Comedy, Romantic

Cast: Aryan Gowra, Mishti Chakraborty, Devi Prasad, Kalpalatha, Annapoorna, Pramodini, Sivannarayana

Director: Divya Bhavana


Arjun (Aryan Gaura), a B.Tech student, falls for Keerthy (Misthi Chakraborty) at college. Despite their growing bond, Keerthy disappears suddenly. Arjun joins Keerthy’s Hyderabad college to find her, only to discover her involvement with Rahul. The story unravels questions about Keerthy’s feelings and Arjun’s pursuit of love.


“Sathiya” presents a poignant love story with intense emotions. The climax scenes are impactful, and emotional aspects are well-handled. The film boasts commendable performances, strong production values, captivating camera work, and appealing songs. Aryan Gaura’s portrayal of Arjun and his emotional journey, alongside Misti Chakraborty’s role and the conflicts she faces, contribute to the movie’s appeal. Particularly, the emotional scenes imbued with a love theme stand out.

Aryan Gaura’s performance as the lead is commendable, and Misty Chakraborty shines in her role. Supporting actors including Devi Prasad, Kalpalatha, Pramodini, Annapoornamma, Shivannarayana, and Chaitanya Garikapati deliver solid performances. The director, Divyabhavana, skillfully captures the emotional essence, particularly evident in the impactful climax.

The initial half of “Sathiya” unfolds at a sluggish pace, testing the audience’s patience. The central conflict lacks impact, with some characters failing to connect effectively. The character arc for the protagonist, Talu, is underdeveloped. The film’s appeal might be limited to a specific audience, as modern audiences may find certain aspects of love stories less engaging.

While Divyabhavana’s direction and Aryan Gaura’s performance garner interest, the story lacks originality, and pacing issues hamper the viewing experience. Superfluous scenes divert from the main narrative, leading to a less engaging experience. The film would have benefited from a tighter edit, eliminating unnecessary slow sequences.


Technical Aspects:

While the emotional content is strong, the narrative lacks an engaging plot structure. Vinnu Vinod’s music is noteworthy, contributing to the film’s charm. Cinematographer EJ Venu captures impressive natural visuals, enhancing the film’s aesthetics. Editing and production values stand out, creating a polished presentation.


“Sathiya,” an emotional love drama, excels in conveying heavy emotions and a compelling climax. Nevertheless, the movie’s slow-paced narrative, lack of engagement in the first half, and inclusion of extraneous scenes detract from its overall impact. While the film might not resonate with all audience segments, it’s likely to resonate with romantic and youth-oriented viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the release date of the movie “O Saathiya”?
The movie “O Saathiya” was released in theaters on July 7, 2023.

2. Who directed the movie “O Saathiya”?
The movie “O Saathiya” was directed by Divya Bhavana.

3. Who are the cast members of “O Saathiya”?
The cast of “O Saathiya” includes Aryan Gowra, Mishti Chakraborty, Devi Prasad, Kalpalatha, Annapoorna, Pramodini, Sivannarayana, Chaitanya Garikapati, Krazy Khanna, and Darbha Appaji Ambarisha.v